Elephant Energy Making Space

UNSTUCK JOY! September 5, 2017

Your Intuition Is Calling: Are You Answering?

Join host Vicki Todd and her guest Catherine Liggett, who is an intuitive emotional healer! Catherine will teach you how to release old emotional and behavioral patterns for good, and to restore your ability to feel joy, intimacy, and connection to the divine. She will offer practical tools that will help you develop your own intuitive powers and release those old emotional patterns that just won’t seem to change. Get ready to boost your intuitive super powers! This show’s Art Vision prompt is Elephant Energy Making Space! Elephant has a large, intuitive presence and helps us make space for our dreams, strength and courage, as well as overcome obstacles and fear. Let’s celebrate powerful Elephant energy via Art Vision journaling!

Watch as Vicki creates an Art Vision journal page LIVE during the show!

Here’s where the Art Vision prompt ended up!



A few summers ago, I immersed myself in all things Cabaret! I saw the Broadway play staring Alan Cumming, read The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood, and watched Cabaret the movie starring Liza Minnelli. So fun! Inspired by the words of Liza’s song, Cabaret, I painted Elsie, about following your intuition and using your gifts before it’s too late!

Click here to read more about Elsie’s meaning.

ART VISION JOURNAL PROMPT OF THE DAY: Elephant energy making space!

Here are my two Elephant energy Art Vision journal pages, using crayon in one and craft paint, stencils, and collage in the other. They are helping me to use my intuition to overcome obstacles and fear to make room for my dreams, even if those dreams seem a little scary and too big at times! A kangaroo hopped onto one page reminding me to go forward into adventure with no fear. 🙂 How will Elephant’s intuitive energy help you fulfill your True Self destiny?









  • Read the Art Visioning process below.
  • Contemplate the Art Visioning prompt below.
  • Allow the Universe to intuitively reveal to you how you can express your thoughts/discoveries via collaging, drawing, doodling, writing and/or painting.
  • Remember – there are NO mistakes in Art Vision journaling! Let your creative juices flow freely! Tell your Inner Critic to sit quietly in the corner.

ART VISIONING PROMPT – Elephant energy making space:


Did you know we can use the power of Elephant energy to help us realize our dreams?

Elephants have a long, intuitive memory, which symbolizes our inner knowing of who our True Self is and remembering the gifts we were given at birth.

Elephant has a large presence and helps us make space for our dreams, strength and courage.

Elephant helps us overcome obstacles and push fear and doubt out of the way as we progress on our True Self journey.

Use collage, crayons, colored markers and/or paint to create a beautiful elephant that symbolizes you letting go of fear and embracing your dreams and gifts as you courageously evolve on your True Self path!


  1. Connect with your Higher Self/Source Energy through meditation, yoga, walking in nature, listening to music, etc. to achieve an open/receptive mind/heart.
  2. Contemplate the Art Visioning prompt of Elephant Energy Making Space.
  3. With the prompt in mind, ask the Universe the following questions. Respond to each question or gravitate to the one(s) that most resonate with you.
  • What do you want me to discover about this area of my life?
  • How can I perceive this part of my life differently?
  • What do I need to shed to manifest the best good in this area?
  • What do I need to say yes to/allow to manifest the best good in this area?
  • Who do I need to be in this area of my life?
  • What is an inspired next step I can take to grow/evolve into my True Self in this area?
  • How can I use my gifts/super powers to enhance this part of my life?
  1. Record your discoveries in your art journal – draw, doodle, paint, write, collage your way to soul clarity. Use images, words, favorite quotes, poems, minds maps, colors, etc. Mix up creativity techniques.
  2. Keep each Art Visioning journal creation as a record of how you’re progressing/evolving on your journey toward being your True Self.
  3. Feel free to share your Art Visioning creations with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @vickiworldart!

2 thoughts on “Elephant Energy Making Space

  1. Very nice, fun, and delightful. I love the elephant as a person who has dabbled with Ganesh, I appreciate the elephant. I look forward to setting some time aside to do this very soon.

    On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 12:16 PM, VickiWorldArt wrote:

    > vickiworldart posted: ” Elephant energy making space! UNSTUCK JOY! > September 5, 2017 your intuition is calling: ARE YOU answering? Join host > Vicki Todd and her guest Catherine Liggett, who is an intuitive emotional > healer! Catherine will teach you how to release old e” >

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