Hailing from Happy, Texas (the Town Without a Frown), Vicki Todd is a largely self-taught artist. Her fascination with art began in her Grandmother’s china shop and oil painting classes taught in her home attic. At the age of 6, Todd announced that she wanted to be an artist during the question and answer portion of the Little Miss Happy beauty contest, a memory she recalls through her mother’s telling of the story. However, art became a part-time hobby pushed to life’s back burner.

Todd ended up living a double life. She earned a doctorate degree and taught public relations for 17 years at the university level. However, her dirty little secret was that she’s really an artist at heart. She tried to live two existences, creating her art at night and any free weekends she could sneak in, but it just wasn’t enough. So, she put her octogenarian mother into shock by resigning from her tenured professor position to follow her bliss of art.

After teaching in Connecticut and hosting a radio show called Unstuck JOY! in Washington State, Todd now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is focusing on her artwork full time. She is inspired by the emotion and flowing energy of the female face and figure, vivid contemporary color palettes, and floral motifs.