Discover Your Spirit Animals

UNSTUCK JOY! – April 13, 2017

Your Spirit Guides are talking. are you listening?

Did you know the Universe is always communicating with you? When you’re ready to evolve on your True Self path, your Spirit Guides are ready and willing to assist you on your journey. When you choose to accept their powerful messages, they can give you the courage to take a leap of faith and make changes necessary for you to grow into your best Self. Get ready to get curious, perceive new ways of seeing, and live Unstuck JOY!

Click on the video below to watch this episode of Unstuck JOY! and learn how:

  • YOU can discover your Spirit Guides
  • Vicki created her Art Visioning journal pages of Discover Your Spirit Animal!
  • And – watch Vicki do a LIVE watercolor painting during the show!

Here’s where the Wild Woman Goddess LIVE paint ended up!

Wild Woman Goddess


Genora Genius

Click here to learn:

  • why I dedicated this painting to my Grandmother, Genora Taylor, also an artist
  • what “genius” means in a spiritual sense





ART VISION JOURNAL PROMPT OF THE DAY: Discover your spirit animals!

Here are the three Art Vision journal pages I created for Discover Your Spirit Animals. For the Crow, I painted my own collage paper and tore out the shape of Crow. You could also use printed scrapbook paper, along with paint, Crayons and colored markers. Use a variety of creativity techniques!

Hawk Sentinel
Ladybug & Hummingbird










  • Read the Art Visioning process below.
  • Contemplate the Art Visioning prompt below.
  • Allow the Universe to intuitively reveal to you how you can express your thoughts/discoveries via collaging, drawing, doodling, writing and/or painting.
  • Remember – there are NO mistakes in Art Vision journaling! Let your creative juices flow freely! Tell your Inner Critic to sit quietly in the corner.

ART VISIONING PROMPT – Discover you spirit animals:

Connect with nature to create a portal to your Spirit Animal(s):

  • Spend 10 minutes with a flower, leaf, sea shell, or other element of nature that resonates with you.
  • Observe its structure, then close your eyes. What does it feel like? Smell like? What are the sensations you feel in your body, thoughts, feelings when you connect to it?
  • Imagine it is sensing you back! Imagine there is a link between you and your element of nature.
  • Now open your eyes. Do you perceive it differently?
  • Intuitively draw/doodle/collage what you sense in this link between you and your nature element. No plan – no judgment. Just draw what comes from your intuition and Soul. This is not a realistic drawing, but one that intuitively captures your natural element’s emotion and feeling.
  • Now you’ve created a portal that invites your Spirit Animal(s) to come play with you!

Meditation to invite your Spirit Animal(s) to come forward:

  • Close your eyes and imagine your perfect sanctuary in nature. It can be an open meadow of flowers, on a beach, under the ocean/river, in a forest, on a mountain, etc. How does your perfect nature sanctuary feel, look and smell?
  • Place an intention to meet your Spirit Animal(s). Know that it will be easy.
  • Notice a door in your mind. Walk to this door. What does it look like? How do you open it? Use your imagination to create a beautiful door in your nature sanctuary.
  • Now, open the door and walk, swim, climb through it.
  • Once through the door, ask your Spirit Animal(s) to come forward one at a time.
  • Ask each animal – Are you my Spirit Animal? If they say yes, thank them and ask them what messages they have for you. What can they teach you? If they say no, thank them and let them move on.
  • Open your eyes and intuitively draw/doodle/collage your animal(s) on the intuitive nature element page you created above. Write the messages you perceived your Spirit Animal(s) gave you on this journal page along with your Spirit Animal(s). Your Spirit Animals don’t have to be perfect representations. Try to capture their emotion and feeling while Art Vision journaling. If they come out wonky, all the better!
  • You can Google your Spirit Animals to discover their characteristics and lessons they may have for you.
  • Contemplate the Art Visioning questions below to allow the Universe to further reveal to you how you can incorporate your Spirit Animal’s powerful messages into your life.


  1. Connect with your Higher Self/Source Energy through meditation, yoga, walking in nature, listening to music, etc. to achieve an open/receptive mind/heart.
  2. Contemplate the Art Visioning prompt of Discover Your Spirit Animals.
  3. With the prompt in mind, ask the Universe the following questions. Respond to each question or gravitate to the one(s) that most resonate with you.
  • What do you want me to discover about this area of my life?
  • How can I perceive this part of my life differently?
  • What do I need to shed to manifest the best good in this area?
  • What do I need to say yes to/allow to manifest the best good in this area?
  • Who do I need to be in this area of my life?
  • What is an inspired next step I can take to grow/evolve into my True Self in this area?
  • How can I use my gifts/super powers to enhance this part of my life?
  1. Record your discoveries in your art journal – draw, doodle, paint, write, collage your way to soul clarity. Use images, words, favorite quotes, poems, minds maps, colors, etc. Mix up creativity techniques.
  2. Keep each Art Visioning journal creation as a record of how you’re progressing/evolving on your journey toward being your True Self.
  3. Feel free to share your Art Visioning creations with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @vickiworldart!
Essence of Spirit Animals & their powerful messages

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