Retrain Your Brain

UNSTUCK JOY! – March 23, 2017

Retrain Your Brain and Live unstuck joy!

Did you know 95% of our thoughts are the same as the day before because we’re living life in subconscious, default programming? And, 70-80% of those thoughts are negative, limiting, disempowering, and sabotaging! EEK!

Watch the video below to view this episode of Unstuck JOY! and learn how:

  • YOU can retrain your brain to match your positive dreams and desires
  • Vicki created her Art Visioning journal pages of Retrain Your Brain and Collage Poetry



This is the cover art I painted for my upcoming book, Voices: 14+1 Artist Heroines Speak Their Creative Journey. (Stay tuned for more info on the book!)

  • Are you using conscious, deliberate, positive OR subconscious, default, negative “voices” during your day?
  • Create your Future Self = match positive thoughts + authentic feelings + gratitude to create new YOU and lead to new actions and abundance/Unstuck JOY!


ART VISION JOURNAL PROMPTs OF THE DAY: Retrain Your brain & collage poetry

Here are the two Art Vision journal pages I created for Retain Your Brain and Collage Poetry

Retrain Your Brain
Collage Poetry










  • Read the Art Visioning process below.
  • Contemplate the two Art Visioning prompts below.
  • Allow the Universe to intuitively reveal to you how you can express your thoughts/discoveries via collaging, drawing, doodling, writing and/or painting.
  • Remember – there are NO mistakes in Art Vision journaling! Let your creative juices flow freely! Tell your Inner Critic to sit quietly in the corner.

Art Visioning prompt – Retrain Your Brain:

Retrain Your Brain
  • Doodle/draw a head or use a magazine photo of a head to collage in your Art Vision journal.
  • Doodle/write/collage images and words that symbolize your tendencies to use default negative thoughts/perceptions/feelings/words coming out of your head. Use the following categories and/or others you tend to default to.
  • You can use specific items happening in your life or general categories that resonate with you
  • Then – doodle/write/collage how you can shift these tendencies toward the positive.
  • How will these positive shifts affect your actions and outcomes?

Possible negative default categories:

  • What are clichés or beliefs that you’ve grown up with? What would feel more positive and authentic and move you toward positive thoughts and actions? For example:
    • Money doesn’t grow on trees
    • Everything I touch turns to gold! (is this authentic/feel good?)
    • My business is beginning to grow. I see positive shifts!
  • Are you attached to only one outcome?
    • What if more than one positive outcome exists?
  • How do you react to challenges/fear?
    • What if you saw them as silver linings/opportunities?
  • Fun house mirror – do others’ doubts mirror your own doubts?
    • How can you rewrite your own story to be more positive/high vibe?
  • Do you use affirmations?
    • Do the words of the affirmation match how you feel?
    • How can you change the words so your affirmation feels good/authentic?

Art Visioning prompt – Collage poetry:

  • Collage Poetry
  • Close your eyes and intuitively select 7 magazine pages.
  • From the images and/or words on your 7 pages, write a poem (it doesn’t have to rhyme). If you selected a photo of a rose, you can directly say “rose” in your poem, or use more descriptive, symbolic language such as “life is in full bloom.”
  • Consciously choose words for your poem that feel positive, inspirational and high vibe to you.
  • Use this exercise as a reminder – the next time you catch yourself defaulting to negative thoughts/perceptions/feelings/words:
    • Remember that you perhaps chose magazine pages that you normally wouldn’t gravitate toward – just as life throws you curveballs you may not have chosen
    • Remember how you consciously chose positive words for your poem – you chose to perceive your 7 pages in a positive light
    • Remember you consciously created something beautiful – just as you can shift your default negative thoughts/perceptions/feelings/words toward authentic, high vibe, positive ones leading to positive actions and abundance!
    • You can consciously rewrite your story and create a new positive, high vibe norm!


  1. Connect with your Higher Self/Source Energy through meditation, yoga, walking in nature, listening to music, etc. to achieve an open/receptive mind/heart.
  2. Contemplate the Art Visioning prompts of Retrain Your Brain and Collage Poetry.
  3. With each prompt in mind, ask the Universe the following questions. Respond to each question or gravitate to the one(s) that most resonate with you.
  • What do you want me to discover about this area of my life?
  • How can I perceive this part of my life differently?
  • What do I need to shed to manifest the best good in this area?
  • What do I need to say yes to/allow to manifest the best good in this area?
  • Who do I need to be in this area of my life?
  • What is an inspired next step I can take to grow/evolve into my True Self in this area?
  • How can I use my gifts/super powers to enhance this part of my life?
  1. Record your discoveries in your art journal – draw, doodle, paint, write, collage your way to soul clarity. Use images, words, favorite quotes, poems, minds maps, colors, etc. Mix up creativity techniques.
  2. Keep each Art Visioning journal creation as a record of how you’re progressing/evolving on your journey toward being your True Self.
  3. Feel free to share your Art Visioning creations with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @vickiworldart!
Students’ Art Visioning to Retrain Their Brains

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