Body Electric

Hi everyone! I’m starting a new adventure, and I’d love for you to come along as it evolves.

I’ve begun creating a new type of art – using body prints to create paintings that will become cards in my new oracle deck – Oracle of Embodied Art: Connect to Your Intuitive Fierce Beauty (at least that’s the working title for now.) 😉

What are body prints?

I’m putting paint on various parts of my nude body and pressing myself onto loose canvas or large watercolor sheets to make prints. Then, I paint in heads and other images to complete the picture.

Each painting is created intuitively, so I’m not sure at this point what each oracle card will include. My plan is to use the basic structure of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey – Heroine’s Journey in this case!

  • Call to Adventure
  • Road of Trials
  • Discover/Reclaim Your Super Powers
  • Transition to True Self
  • Pay It Forward
  • Friends/Foes/Invisible Hands
The first card in the Oracle of Embodied Art is Body Electric.

In the Tarot, this card would be the Fool/Seeker. She symbolizes:

  • embarking on a new journey – what Joseph Campbell would identify as the Call to Adventure!
  • taking a blind leap of faith into the unknown
  • willingness to take a risk even though the outcome is unknown and family/society/career may see this risk as foolish
  • willingness to be open to new opportunities (and JOY!)
  • believing that the Universe can provide the resources that will help us grow and shine on this journey, way beyond what our limited human perception can see

I believe we were each born with gifts – your Super Powers! – that you’re meant to use to make the world brighter for yourself and those around you. My hope is that the Oracle of Embodied Art deck can be a tool to help you tap into your own power of intuition and live the life you were put on this planet to live!

So, here we go! I’m excited to see where Body Electric’s journey leads as the Oracle of Embodied Art develops and evolves – stay tuned! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Body Electric

  1. This sounds really intriguing. Do you think you will do workshops? I assume this is body parts other than our hands, arms, face? I love the title: Body Electric! Very energetic. : ) Have good fun

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