Shedding Skin

Ready to shed your old skin?

Here’s a new body print painting for my upcoming Oracle of Embodied Art oracle deck! The body print was made by putting paint on my back and bum while I was on an art retreat in the magical beauty of New Mexico in May. I brought the body print home, and intuitively created Shedding Skin.

I hope its messages resonate with you!

Shedding Skin









  • The snake is a symbol for transformation. It must go through the painful process of shedding its skin to grow. If not, it will wither and die.
  • We go through a similar transformation. The old skin represents our fears, limiting beliefs/circumstances/relationships that hold us back from becoming our best selves, which can cause our souls to shrivel within us.
  • But if we can shed the old skin, we emerge wiser and more powerful.
  • The old skin we shed can hold beauty though, because of the lessons learned and new skills gained that help us shine in the next chapter of the journey.
  • The phoenix symbolizes strength, renewal and creativity emerging.

Purpose of the Oracle of Embodied Art oracle deck

I believe you were born with gifts – your Super Powers! – that you’re meant to use to make the world brighter. My hope is that the Oracle of Embodied Art can be a tool to help you tap into your own power of intuition/connection to the Divine to create a life that embodies your Super Powers so you can rock the life you were put on this planet to live!

That’s living life fully embodied, which is an art!

What are body prints?

I’m putting paint on various parts of my own body and pressing myself onto loose canvas or large watercolor sheets to make prints. Then, I paint in heads and other images to complete the picture. Each painting is created intuitively, so I’m not sure at this point what each oracle card will include – that’s the sparkly creative magic of being on the Heroine’s Journey!

Stay tuned for more Oracle of Embodied Art paintings!

Shine on ~ xo,


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