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Vicki Todd
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Vicki Todd, Ed.D, was living a double life. She taught public relations for 17 years at the university level, but her dirty little secret was that she’s really an artist at heart. So, she put her octogenarian mother into shock by resigning from her tenured professor position to follow her bliss of art.

Since taking the leap, Todd has written three books. Inner Beauty Blooming: A (Somewhat) True Fairytale of an Artist Heroine’s Journey to Self incorporates 22 of her body print artworks and tells a story about the twists and turns of courageously dreaming a desired life into existence. Todd also wrote a visual memoir, Unstuck: One Heroine’s Journey of Art and the Courage to Live on Purpose,” which Kirkus Reviews calls a “unique angle on the realizing-your-purpose genre…,” as well as Voices: 14 + 1 Artist Heroines Speak Their Creative Journeys. Todd hosted an hour-long show called Unstuck JOY! The Art of Living on Purpose, which was broadcast via Facebook Live for and converted to YouTube video. During the show, Todd interviewed guests while creating an art journal page. She offered viewers instructions on her website,, of how to create their own art journal creations at home, allowing them to discover new ways to live their purpose with joy.

In 2013, Todd designed to showcase her memoir portraits and the stories describing the life circumstance behind each piece. The next year, she had an epiphany while soaking in her nightly bubble bath: “Why couldn’t the stories be brought to stage, similar to The Vagina Monologues, but with art!” Fast forward to 2019 when Todd wrote her fairytale Inner Beauty Blooming, which features her body print art. She now visualizes the combination of her embodied artwork and the (somewhat) true fantastical tale of Inner Beauty Blooming as a powerful performance piece that could easily be adapted for the stage.

Todd currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Author Statement

As a memoir artist and storyteller, I create powerfully vivid body print artworks that accompany the written/spoken word.

For the body print works, my nude body is the vehicle to print the foundation of each piece. I use my body as a monoprint plate by smearing acrylic paint onto my chest, torso, or back. I then lie down on a canvas or watercolor sheet to create an image of my body and intuitively add female or animal faces, wings, flowering vines, etc. to tell a story.

My body print artworks serve as an expressive dance partner to the story I authored: Inner Beauty Blooming: A (Somewhat) True Fairytale of an Artist Heroine’s Journey to Self. The fairytale incorporates 22 of my body print pieces, and it is set in Santa Fe and other New Mexico locals. The art and words tell a story about the twists and turns of courageously dreaming a desired life into existence. The undulating tale follows the Artist Heroine as she encounters Friends, Foes and Invisible Hands along her True Self quest, including the Raven Woman, a Priestess, an Immortal Muse, her sheepskin-coat-clad conformist mother, and her Deer People Ancestors who cheer her on.

I envision Inner Beauty Blooming as a one-woman performance piece, which features storytelling enhanced by the body print artwork – similar to The Vagina Monologues, but with art. The performance will serve as a community effort, which invites local directors, stage managers, lighting and sound designers, etc. to bring the work to life on stage.

Having stage performance experience in various community theatres, along with taking acting classes, strengthens my writing because I can visualize the emotive dialogue, movement, and artistic visuals on stage. Engaging in improvisational classes and performances allows me to be present in the moment and discover fresh, raw ways to capture the story and its characters.

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