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Vicki Todd
Artist Biography

Hailing from Happy, Texas (the Town Without a Frown), Vicki Todd is a largely self-taught artist. Her fascination with art began in her Grandmother’s china shop and oil painting classes taught in her home attic. Todd’s Grandmother encouraged her to sit in during the classes and paint along with the adult students. At the age of 6, Todd announced that she wanted to be an artist during the question-and-answer portion of the Little Miss Happy beauty contest, a memory she recalls through her mother’s telling of the story. However, art became a part-time hobby pushed to life’s back burner.

Todd ended up living a double life. She earned a doctorate degree and taught public relations for 17 years at the university level. However, her dirty little secret was that she’s really an artist at heart. She tried to live two existences, creating her art at night and any free weekends she could sneak in, but it just wasn’t enough time to explore her passion. So, she put her octogenarian mother into shock by resigning from her tenured professor position to follow her bliss of art.

After teaching in Connecticut and hosting a radio show called Unstuck JOY! in Washington State, Todd now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is focusing on her artwork full time. She is inspired by the emotion and flowing energy of the female face and figure, vivid contemporary color palettes, and floral motifs.

Artist Statement

I am a memoir artist and storyteller.

I create powerfully vivid body print artworks that often accompany the written/spoken word.

For the body print works, my nude body is the vehicle to print the foundation of each piece. I use my body as a monoprint plate by smearing acrylic paint onto my chest, torso, or back. I then lie down on a canvas or watercolor sheet to create an image of my body and intuitively add female or animal faces, wings, flowering vines, etc. to tell a story.

I use acrylics and watercolor and vary my process from lumpy, cake-icing to watery, translucent textures depending on my mood and the artwork’s theme. Bold colors mostly from the contemporary palette, movement, and texture flow through my art. My female intuition permeates and oozes from each work.

The eyes of the women in my paintings are imbued with emotion. They project wary determination, haughtiness, defiance, fear, peacefulness, or joy. As a memoir artist, each of my artworks represents my life at certain snapshots in time. However, the themes of the paintings are universal: transformation, evolution, hope, and self-growth.

My body print works serve as an expressive dance partner to the story I authored: Inner Beauty Blooming: A (Somewhat) True Fairytale of an Artist Heroine’s Journey to Self. The fairytale incorporates 22 of my body print pieces. The art and words tell a story about the twists and turns of courageously dreaming a desired life into existence.

In addition to my body print creatures, I am delving into sculpting with clay and found objects. I’m interested in exploring how a common theme expresses itself in the various forms of body prints, expressive portraits on canvas, clay, and mixed media sculptures.

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