Zelda Frida Victorine

Zelda Frida Victorine

Zelda Frida Victorine is a composite of three women I admire. Zelda Fitzgerald, who through or in spite of her own personal demons, let her creativeness burst forth via words, paint, and dance. Frida Kahlo, who dedicated her life to art even through the firestorm of her relationship with Diego Rivera and physical ailments. And Victorine Meurent, Edouard Manet’s brave model and muse, who inspired and survived the creation of Olympia and Le Dejeuner Sur l’Herbe, staring down society and critics face on.

I admire these three women because each of them knew who their True Self was and didn’t let anyone discourage them from letting that light shine – even when they were acting against the grain of social mores and people who didn’t quite understand what they were all about. That takes strength and bravery and wisdom to listen to your True Self’s voice. And that’s what I’m trying to do through my painting, writing and this website. My inner voice is telling me that I’m in a new transition period. This thing that I thought was a fun and cool hobby has emerged at center stage in my spirit, mind and heart. I’ve been through a total transition before as noted in Inner Beauty Blooming and Defiance, so I know what it feels like. After a few years of serene complacency, I can feel the urge to transform again. I’m not sure exactly what the end result of this transformation will look like, but I know it has to do with art and I’m ready to face it head on, eyes and heart wide open – for my artistic ability to be used in some way toward a greater service. Creativity is actively and persistently bubbling up, and I yearn for the freedom to express it, focus it, turn it loose and see what happens.

That’s the thought behind Zelda, Frida, Victorine. The facial expression is almost blank, staring at the viewer face on. Yet, her creative essence and energy are oozing from her, bursting to life – something she can’t ignore or suppress. Her vacuous stare seems to say This is way beyond my control – my True Self and Purpose are erupting and there’s no stopping their progress. Just like the drive and creativity of the three ladies I admire, and just as I’m currently feeling.

Georgia O’Keefe said, “Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.” I’m making my unknown known, and I’m eager to see how far it will soar.

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2 thoughts on “Zelda Frida Victorine

  1. Hi Karen – thanks so much for your lovely, heart-felt comment! Zelda is one of my favorites. Hopefully soon, I’ll make a new addition to the site. Hope Bschool is going well for you!

  2. I love this combination of women and your pictures are striking a chord of something deep. Thank you for creating and paying attention to True Self and Purpose.
    Plus the Georgia O’Keefe quote is going in my journal. Found your link from Bschool.

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