Courageous Dream Weaver

When I Dream, I Fly

Welcome to the Courageous Dream Weaver project! It’s a multi-media experience consisting of 4 parts:

  1. New & older body prints (from my 1-woman show, Shine Happy Shine!) on canvas will create the lion’s share of this project. To enhance the Courageous Dream Weaver theme, I plan to “stitch” the canvases together with colored yarn and make a large mosaic/map of the canvas pieces. The canvases represent what the Courageous Dreamer dreams about.
  2. Clay sculptures: I‘m envisioning the Courageous Dreamer as a seated nude female figure who will sit at the base of the canvas body print map. Also, other dreamlike components – perhaps a sculpted foot with a nude female torso arising from the ankle in place of the shin/calf with a female face surrounded by flower petals (being rooted, yet blooming in the dream space). My Keeper of Secrets sphinx sculpture – she holds ALL the secrets the Courageous Dreamer conjures during dreams.
  3. Fairytale masks made of wire mesh and plaster of Paris canvas strips: In my 1-woman show, I created seven masks – Wise Inner 6 Year Old, BLT -my mother, giant butterfly, giant ladybug, deer head with antlers, tattooed moon face, cow skull. I can create new masks that enhance the Courageous Dream Weaver theme – masks that hide or reveal who we/others are in our dreams. Masks that act as narrators of the dream. Masks that keep secrets in the dream.
  4. Spoken word: I truly believe the combination of the spoken word with complementary art is a powerful tool to reach people. I would love to write new, shorter pieces to perform during events or to record on YouTube video, which coordinate with the Courageous Dream Weaver theme as a whole or with individual art components.

I hope you will join me on this Courageous Dream Weaver journey as each piece emerges. It will be interesting to see how the direction and meaning of the project morphs while creating, interpreting, rearranging the various Courageous Dream Weaver elements in real time, similar to a dream evolving while one sleeps.

I’m excited to see how this integrative process changes my own art making and affects how you interact with my art!