1-Woman Show


In this spirited one-woman stage show, artist and playwright Vicki Todd invites you on a journey to her hometown of Happy, Texas (the Town Without a Frown), into a fairytale realm inhabited by her vivid body print art and sculpted masks, and among her maternal ancestors who illuminate her path. Vicki uses the play format as a magical, evolving art exhibit that urges viewers to follow their heart’s whispers into a life embodying their creative core, rather than following society’s shouts of conforming to the “norm.”

Shine Happy Shine! coming soon to the stage!    





What are body prints? Vicki basically uses her nude body as a monoprint plate by smearing acrylic paint onto her chest, torso, or back. She then lies down on a canvas or watercolor sheet to create an image of her body and intuitively adds female or animal faces, wings, flowering vines, cow skulls, etc. to tell a story. View Vicki’s body print artworks featured in Shine Happy Shine!







What are fairytale masks? Vicki begins each larger-than-life mask by sculpting the forms with wire mesh. She then wraps each piece with canvas strips that are infused with Plaster of Paris. Once the masks have dried, Vicki paints the features with acrylic paint, and adorns the characters with paper flowers, copper sheets, yarn, bits of paper, or fabric.  View Vicki’s fairytale masks featured in Shine Happy Shine!






Early praise for Shine Happy Shine!

“You have such a wonderful voice as a writer, so unique, and I felt like I really got to know you through your writing!” Marguerite S.

“The way you blended humor and pain was so beautiful and powerful. Parts of your story were so familiar to me…What an amazing journey!” Brittany A.