Commissioned Portraits

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In addition to my Memoir Portraits that depict what’s happening in my life at certain snapshots in time, I paint Commissioned Portraits that represent a person, occasion or theme that means something special to you. These portraits are meant to capture a person’s inner essence, energy and vibration and are created through an intuitive painting process. Please see examples of selections of my Commissioned Portraits below with explanations behind each work.

If you’re interested in requesting a Commissioned Portrait, please email me at, and let’s talk about possibilities!

Intuitive portrait: Anni
Intuitive portrait: Anni

“As a gift for my graduation I received a beautiful portrait of myself. This portrait was special and unique. I had never seen anything like it! This made it extra special to me. Throughout the portrait you can see quotes, flowers, butterflies, and me encompassing it all. The colors that are used are some of my favorites as well, and behind my hair you can see hidden images of butterflies. This portrait is inspiring to me to follow my dreams and how I should always believe in myself throughout my life. The quotes really made an impact on the portrait. This is ultimately my favorite graduation gift because it was made specifically for me. There is no other like it, and there never will be. It is an original that inspires and shows who I am. I am lucky to have it.” Anni

I painted Anni for a friend’s daughter who recently graduated from high school and was beginning the journey into college. I sketched her likeness from her prom photo and included snippets from Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman” and Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map book. I also used images to match Anni’s new life chapter: butterflies for transformation, birds taking flight, feathers for freedom, and repeated the word Shine. Some of the images are visible and some are hidden beneath her flaming red hair as positive intentions I wish for Anni on this next step in her life.


Intuitive portrait: Prairie Flower
Intuitive portrait: Prairie Flower

I painted Prairie Flower for a woman from my hometown in Texas. Her husband is a cowboy, and she requested a Western theme with a cowboy hat. The female face is hand-sketched from a fashion photo in Vogue. I added the prickly pear cactus because those are common on the plains of West Texas, as is the bright blue sky with patches of fluffy white clouds.





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  1. I liked your talk on the radio I’ve wanted to paint something for a long wile I will take that leep.

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