Paint Your True Selfie Portrait

Paint Your True Selfie 2-night workshop
September 13 & 20, 2017
6 to 9 p.m.
Northwest Art Center in Duvall, WA
Register here: True Selfie

Please email me at if you would like to schedule a workshop in your community!

#MyTrueSelfie: Expectations









I’ve answered “yes” to these questions at some point in life.

How about you?

Do you feel a strong yearning inside yourself that there has to be something more to life?

Do you wish to live a more joyful life?

Do you desire to know why you’re on this planet?

If you also answer “yes,” then the Paint Your True Selfie Portrait art workshop is for YOU!!

Here’s why I created this workshop:

I’ve been there. Felt stuck in a rut, grinding away in the daily hamster wheel of routine, feeling stale and lifeless. I was left wondering, “Is this all life has to offer? There HAS to be more!”

Then I finally realized what was missing. I wasn’t living the Purpose for why I was placed on this earth. I discovered via meditation that my lifelong love of art – the thing I’ve loved since childhood that had been shoved to the back burner, considered a frivolous hobby – was supposed to be used to inspire others to live their own unique Purpose.

Once I started placing art in a more prominent position in my life, things changed! Life became joyful, in the flow! Everyday may not be perfect, but the sun definitely shines brighter now!

So what about you? What if you could reclaim your Purpose – the gifts you were given at birth you’re meant to use to make the world a brighter place for you and those around you? What if you could weave your gifts into your life making it more textured, rounded, vibrant?

No matter where you are on your life Purpose Journey – clueless (I didn’t know my Purpose until the age of 47!), struggling to work your Purpose into your busy life, or feeling that you need to evolve to the next level on your Purpose Journey – the Paint Your True Selfie Portrait art workshop is for YOU!


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Paint Your True Selfie Portrait art workshop highlights:

  • Explore your Purpose through art journaling exercises – breadcrumb clues that will help you map your Purpose and gain clarity on how to live a more joyful life. Examples include: Channeling your Inner 8-Year-Old to pinpoint those activities that make your heart sing and time fly. Consulting Your Future Elder Warrioress to determine what this wise version of yourself would urge you to do before your last day on Earth. Using Your Soul GPS to pinpoint what you need to shed like an outgrown snake skin or allow into your life with open palms to carve out a niche for your Purpose into your busy life!
  • Use your intuition, creativity, and a camera selfie along with fun photo apps to create a True Selfie digital image that you feel represents your True Self emerging. Let your responses and discoveries from the art journaling exercises guide your journey. I’ll help you explore the photo app process!
  • Paint YOUR version of your True Selfie image on canvas to represent your intuitive inner self who uses her gifts to make the world a brighter place – a beautiful, personalized reminder to live your Purpose daily!
  • The Paint Your True Selfie Portrait art workshop is for all art levels, so if you don’t feel super artsy – no problem! Inner Critics are not allowed!
Coming Back to Center
#MyTrueSelfie: Coming Back to Center



Email me at to schedule a Paint Your True Selfie Portrait art workshop in your community!



2 thoughts on “Paint Your True Selfie Portrait

  1. Wow Vicki, this is a very amazing, beautiful and spine tingling way to create our own True Selfie. I can see the pride, joy, and authenticity in each of the women’s examples above. Love it! : )

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