Ready to evolve into your True Self & live your Purpose? Let’s chat!


Ever feel a strong yearning inside yourself that there has to be something more to life but feel frustrated because you don’t know what it is or how to reach it? Do you wish to live a more rounded & vibrant life?

Yes? Then you, my friend, are like a snake trying to shed its skin. I know because I’ve been that snake twice in my life.

When a snake’s insides are literally outgrowing its outside skin that is now restricting it, it’s painful, itchy and exhausting. But guess what? It’s also absolutely necessary for the snake to shed its old skin or it will die from the inability to evolve. It will never grow into its True Self and the Purpose for why it’s on this planet without this transformation.

But, if the snake can find the inner strength to endure this evolutionary process, it emerges as a shiny, new version of its old self – stronger and healthier for the lessons it learned in the process – ready to advance into the next chapter of life and fulfill the Purpose for why it was born. Its Soul will sing with joy!

I’ve shed two skins. In 1998, I began the process of shedding the skin of a nonworking wife in a failing marriage to become an independent university professor. This was a powerful evolution for me, but I knew in my heart becoming a professor was not my ultimate calling in life. In February of this year, I shakily took the leap of resigning from my very secure, 11-year tenured professor position to evolve into a life coach who helps women transition into their True Selves and live their Purpose. My Soul now sings!

If you believe it’s time to shed your old skin, but feel uncertain and shaky about how to move forward, let’s chat. I’ve been there and done that – twice. Let’s work together to help you grow into the person you’re born to be with unique gifts the world is waiting for. Simply say YES! in the comments below, or email me at and we’ll set up a time to talk!

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