Je Suis Belle

Je Suis Belle
Je Suis Belle

Je Suis Belle is up for your interpretation.

I found a photo in Vogue of the model-daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. A beautiful girl, but in an eclectic, unconventional way. I thought it would be interesting to paint my own unconventional beauty with Frida Kahlo-esque unibrow and imperfect teeth, yet give her a powerful presence, confidence emanating from her as if daring the viewer to see her as anything except beautiful.

Then, I went to a Rene Magritte exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Love! I was so taken with Magritte’s use of French words to label things that were not always what they really seemed. So fascinating, like painting riddles. So, I decided to add my own take in Je Suis Belle by writing this phrase on a hand mirror facing the viewer.

I have two interpretations. One: the viewer may look at my unconventional girl and think She’s not beautiful! and judge her for her apparent faults. In this case, the mirror serves as a dare…if you judge my girl as ugly, can you turn the mirror on yourself and claim you are beautiful?

Two: perhaps the viewer is not so judgy wudgy was a bear and looks at my unconventional girl thinking Wow! She’s not the usual depiction of beauty, but her confidence that oozes out of her gives her an inner glow, an inner strength and vibrance that makes her beautiful. I wish I had that! In this case, can the viewer then look in the mirror and say Yes! I am beautiful too!

So, what’s your interpretation?

Click here to view dimensions and to purchase this one-of-a-kind painting!

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