Voices: 14 + 1 Artist Heroines Speak Their Creative Journeys

Reading what these fourteen plus one artists have to say is surely the encouragement many more artists, still in the closet, need. Their trials and successes make us realize, we can do it too.” John Weidenhamer • Artist, Indio, California

Honesty of Claud found on page 45

Voices: 14 + 1 Artist Heroines Speak Their Creative Journeys shares the bold stories of how 15 female artists from around the globe became who they were born to be: artists.

Author Vicki Todd interviewed artists from Australia, Canada, England, France, New Zealand, Thailand, and the US, and asked each one the same eight questions loosely based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. The Voices artists include painters – acrylic, mixed media, oil, watercolor – a decorative plaster artisan, a hand-weaver, a screen-printer, a sculptor, and a textile maker.

Although the details of the stories differ, common themes bubble up: connection to a greater force to co-create the work, importance of an art tribe, perseverance to do the work through uncertainties, influence of the seasons, nature as inspiration, and the belief that it’s never too late or impossible to follow your passion.

Explore the winding Yellow Brick Roads of these creative souls as they describe how they claimed their callings of being artists, as well as the obstacles they’ve overcome along the way. They offer you a common thread of Oneness, motivation to walk your own path, and tons of practical and spiritual advice.

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