Artist Heroine Manifesto

Tierra de Mujer

What is an Artist Heroine?

Someone who acts as the Artist Heroine of her own life story by consciously creating her life, striving to continuously evolve into her True Self, and who uses the gifts – her Super Powers! – she was given at birth to make the world brighter. This is how she lives Unstuck JOY!

artist heroine manifesto

Personal Landscape

I am an Artist Heroine.

I listen deeply to the guidance of Source Energy and intuitively co-create my ultimate life vision with Source Energy – the same Energy that aligns the starry galaxies and causes jellyfish to emit their translucent light into the ocean depths.

I was born with beautiful gifts – my Super Powers – that are unique to me.

My life Purpose is to use these gifts to make the world a brighter place.

If I conceal my Super Powers, I am doing the World a grave injustice because no one else can bring forth my unique Light.

I strive to remain in an emotional state of Unstuck JOY, love and gratitude to manifest into my True Self and create the life I desire.

I tend my emotional garden each day by courageously pruning limiting beliefs, circumstances and relationships that block me from blooming into my best Self.

I acknowledge that my birthright is Unstuck JOY, abundance, creativity, and prosperity.

I am the powerful Artist-Creator of my unique life vision.

I am an Artist Heroine.

~by Vicki Todd