Art Vision Journaling

Butterfly & Dragonfly Energy
Ode to Hawk Spirit Animal
Ode to Hawk Spirit Animal







Discover Who YOU Were Born to Be
with Art Vision Journaling!

How can you be your True Self & live more JOY?
Come find out via Art Visioning with Vicki Todd, host of Unstuck JOY! On!
  • Draw, doodle, collage and write your way to intuitively creating your ultimate life vision w/ simple art prompts.
  • Art Visioning is a fun, creative, messy, powerful, for-your- eyes-only vehicle to discover your own soul revelations and live more JOY!
  • Use images, words, favorite quotes, poems, minds maps, and colors to convey concepts in a way that logical, linear words cannot.
  • Vicki’s Art Visioning process encourages you to align with the Universe, ask deep questions about soul topics, and record your discoveries in an art journal with the help of Vicki’s simple art journaling prompts.
  • Keep each Art Visioning journal creation as a record of how you’re progressing/evolving on your journey toward being your True Self.
  • All art supplies included! No art experience necessary!
2nd Saturday Monthly,   3-5 pm,   $20, at SpA Eir in Kirkland, WA
Register at

Contact Vicki at to enquire about art workshops in your area!

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